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Learn the GROWHOW for your future harvest.

The "Perennial Blend" for spring and summer nutrition, "Antler Aid" for bone building, and our "Annual Blend" for harvest plots and late winter forage. Outfitters Choice™ is a proven method to provide your herd with an annual nutrition program. That is the key to success! We have made purchasing our product secure, safe, and easy. For food plots that are less than ten acres our products are available through our partner, Sportsmans Guide. For acreage larger than ten acres, contact Huntsito directly:

Shaun Mulrooney
Director of Operations

1-618-967-4797 or shaun@huntsito.com

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Proven Outfitters Choice™ products, a little GrowHow, and you too can produce big deer!

Turn your farm into buck paradise.








Outfitters Choice™ Timeline

  • 2005

    The Beginning

    With the help of friends and family, Shaun developed Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitters to manage thousands of acres for trophy whitetail in the heartland.

  • 2006

    Product Development

    After years of field testing, and believing land managers deserve the highest quality whitetail products available, Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitters developed Outfitters Choice. All of our Outfitters Choice products have been field tested by professionals and are guaranteed to increase your carrying capacity and the overall health of your deer herd. Our friends quickly realized the secret of our success and started buying our seed blends.

  • 2007

    Gaining Ground

    Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitters is now in the seed business and began competing on a national level with the "big boys" on a shoestring marketing budget. By offering our clients a quality product at a reasonable price our product sales have doubled each year since 2007.

  • 2015


    Understanding that hunting clients have a hard time passing up a 130 class deer, Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitters culled some farms, stopped selling hunts, and started focusing on growing "Booners" and selling seed. We are still operating on a shoestring marketing budget, because we pour all of our profits back into the land we manage. Growing "Booners" is very addictive! Land Managers, Outfitters, and Hunt Clubs that develop affordable annual nutritional programs use Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitter's proven product line - "Outfitters Choice".

  • We Grow
    'EM BIG.
    You can

the sito team

Wildlife Managers...Growers...Hunters

Shaun Mulrooney

Director of Operations

Garrett Barger

Director of Sales

Brett Phoenix

Director of Land Management

Southern Illinois Trophy Outfitters have been harvesting trophy bucks for years.
We owe our success to Outfitters Choice and our friends:

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